Gamepad Bluetooth Gaming Controller
This Gamepad support playing games on Bluetooth enabled Android 3.2v+ tablet/ smart phone/ TV box/ Smart TV/ VR, Win7/Win8/Win 10 PC without any drivers!
Electronical Parameters:
1. working voltage: DC3.7V
2. working current: 30mA
3. continouse gameplay time: 10H
4. static current: <35uA
5. charging voltage: DC5V
6. charging current: 500mA
7. battery capacity: 380mAh
8. standby time:
    up to 30days once fully charged
9. bluetooth transmission distance:

Application Instructions:
This Gamepad support playing games on Bluetooth enabled Android 3.2v+ tablet/ smart phone/ TV box/ Smart TV/ VR, Win7/Win8/Win 10 PC without any drivers!

Due to the official game platform software upgrates or source code changes and other not resist factors caused some of the games can not be connected with our Gamepad, our company has no responsibility. Our company reserve the right of final interpretation for this.

Introduction for Key functions:

Operation instructions:

Charge/ Sleep/ Wake up function of Gamepad:

1. Charge indicator will lit on while charging and will turn off after fully charged.

2. Sleep/Wake up function:
Gamepad will enter into sleeping mode if not in use of 5 minutes, and press Home button for wake up and reconnect automatically.
3. Charge indicator flashing quickly for low battery remind.

Usage of Android device:

It supports the vast of games, such as: Shadowgun/Modern
Warfare 5/Asphalt/Contrametal Slug, and emulator games
(such as MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC
emulator, GBA emulator, arcade emulator, SFC emulator, N64
enulator, Shadowgun, sonic CD, Cordy, Soulcraft, zenonia4, 9
Innings 2013, Riptide GP, ect.). Or you can scan QR code to download Android Game Center and download games from Android Game Center for playing

Android Gaming Center:

Scan to download Android Game Center

Android system users only

Support parts of games under iCade mode:

Akane the Kunoichi Lite-haruneko                                    Bullet Hell Infinite-Nicolas Bevilard                                  
Temple Run-Imangi Studios,                                              Retro Dust-Classic Arcade-Asteroid Vs 
Rush City-Acceleroto                                                         Invaders
Iron Frost-YOMEN, inc.                                                      RI Productions
Recess Riot-Deceased Pixel LLC                                         J-Werewolf LITE-Daniel Novais
Super Mega Worm Lite-Deceased Pixel LLC                      Recess Riot Lite-Deceased Pixel LLC
Emerald Mine-Les Bird                                                      Space Inversion FREE-merlyn lear
Guns n'Bottles-Ivanovich Games                                       Vector Star Brawl-Jorge Arroyo
Danmaku Unlimited 2 lite-Bullet Hell Shump                    The Invaders-RI Productions
qub-Andrew Brinkhaus                                                      Towerman-Tomek Szczepanski
Alien Annihiation-Free retro-space shooter                      Bunny Leap- John Carlyle
Heli Apps

How to connect PC device for playing games by using USB data cable:

1. USB cable is required to connected to the USB port of the PC device with the gamepad. When the WIN7 or above system is connected by default, the indicator light is on, and showing the operation mode of X-INPUT.
2. in X-INPUT wired mode, it can support the operation of vast majority of classic large-scale games in PC version. Such as Need f Speed

How to connect PC device with Bluetooth:

1. When product is power off, press and hold X+ HOME key for 2 seconds, then release two buttons until SEARCH LED flash quickly.
2. Insert Bluetooth 3.0 reciever into USB interface on PC device; Windows system will automatically install the driver.
2.1 After the driver is installed successfully, the symbol of the Bluetooth device will be displayed in the lower
right corner of the computer.
2.2 Move the mouse to the Bluetooth symbol, click the right mouse button and select “Add Device”;
2.3 After selecting”Add Device”, the icon of the device(ipega gamepad controller) will be searched in the dialog box;
2.4 Click “Next” and select “Do not use the code to match”, it will be automatically added after confirming, then remind the Bluetooth is connected successfully! After connected, the indicator light is always on!
2.5 It will be D-INPUT mode after the Bluetooth is connected successfully, and can support the games running
in simulator way.


1. Please do not stor this product in wet or high-temperature areas.
2. Don't knap, beat, drub, pierce, or try to decompose this product, to avoid unneccessary damage to the product.
3. The product has built-in batteries, and please don't discard them together with garbages.
4. Don't charge the controller in a place near the fire or other heat source.
5. Non professional personnel should not disassemble the product, otherwise it will not be covered in the aftersales warranty service.

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